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Non-Tyre Applications


Footwear gives the protection to the feet against heat, cold, dampness, dirt or roughness of the ground. Currently footwear is a part of fashion. In the market many types and fashionable footwearare available. Some examples are boots, shoes sandals, Sports footwear, specific purpose footwear, household footwear and traditional footwear.

Generally, footwear is made of Rubber, leather, plastic and fabric.

Key properties required in footwear are good strength, good abrasion resistance, weather resistance, softness, aesthetic look.

A typical Footwear formulation contains Natural Rubber, Styrene Butadiene Rubber, EPDM Rubber and Reclaim Rubber.

Recommended Grades of Reclaim Rubber & Benefits

Whole Tyre Reclaim: Ultra High & High Tensile Reclaim: EPDM Reclaim:

Typical Benefits:

Better Tensile Strength and Elongation %

Good scorch safety in High Tensile Reclaims

Better abrasion resistance

Good resistance to flex fatigue

Reduce mixing time

Note: For suitable formulations, please contact us. We will help you with your specific requirements and provide recommended formulations.