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MARANGONI GRP PVT. LTD. is a new venture in the Commercial Vehicle Tyre Retreading business in India brought by Marangoni from Italy and GRP from India. The JV leverages the strengths of the two partners – Marangoni as a retreading systems company and GRP in rubber recycling and understanding of the Indian market – to bring a world class retreading solution to the Indian Commercial Vehicle Fleets. MGPL’s unique retreading solutions helps Fleets extend the life of their tyres and lower their operational costs. A unique technology brought into India for the first time is Marangoni’s Ring System – RINGTREAD – the splice-less retread. RINGTREAD delivers more mileage, better grip, is more reliable and eventually higher savings to fleets.


Marangoni is a private group established in 1947 in Rovereto, Italy, active in tire Retreading sector and in the development of technologies and equipment for the production of new and retreaded tires. Marangoni is a market leader in the supply of truck tire Retreading technologies and materials with 12 plants and more than 1.300 employees worldwide.


For the fleet owners who are constantly looking for improvement, MGPL represents a real revolution. In fact MGPL’s Ringtread is the only retreading system that uses precured treads produced in a circular shape and without joints (like new tyres)* combined with a retreading technology involving buffing machine with shoulder buffer, building the ring and using DES. All this translates into practical advantages for the Fleet Owners: great reliability and improved mileage, saving on fuel consumption due to the use of high elasticity compounds which reduce rolling resistance and, lastly high performance and efficiency even in the most challenging road conditions.

More Reliability: No risk of downtime thanks to the exclusive ring system

More Life: Less tread wear also on highly abrasive surfaces

More Grip: The best traction even in poor road condition

More Savings: Very low rolling resistance leading to reduced fuel consumption


Enhance your identity and your tradition. We know you really care about your independence, and for that reason we offer all our support. With the RINGTREAD System you obtain a retreaded tyre that guarantees maximum reliability and performance comparable, if not superior, to that of a new tyre.

A wide range of precured flat treads allows you to cater to wide range of customers for a good performance. MGPL lets you move efficiently in every market, every segment and every customer.

Less Time: Faster cycle time for tyres retreaded by using Ringtread

No Waste: No material wastage for Ringtread

High Efficiency: More efficiency due to less handling and lower process time

Less Space: Less space required for same capacity due to efficient equipment & layout


To meet standards of excellence set by end users and retreading firms, Marangoni GRP Pvt. Ltd. (MGPL) has introduced the Ringtread System, complete cold retreading systems that guarantees a perfect end result. Ringtread is the result of a very simple concept: tyres are circular in structure and rotate when they work, therefore the new tread, that replaces the worn tread, must be perfectly circular in order to integrate harmoniously with the casings and recreate a perfect unit. This has led to the creation of Ringtread, the only precured tread for retreading which has the profile of the original tyre.

The ring has no joints and fits perfectly to the casing without tension or deformation. It guarantees reduced processing times and less waste, and its performance levels are equivalent to and sometimes even exceed those of a new tyre.

The advantage are obvious for both the end user and the retreader to whom MGPL supplies a complete package of machinery, materials and technical support to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved at all times.


Thanks to its professional skills and technological, production and commercial experience, Marangoni through MGPL can offer its customers a wide range of products and services together with on-going development of the retreading processes with precured treads. To meet the needs of all tyre retreading firms, MGPL offers a product portfolio consisting of three lines of precured tread strips.

  • Exclusive MGPL product for a concave tread strip with wings, with a profile that adapts perfectly to the shape of the casing

  • This line features tread design suited for specific application to deliver premium performance on Indian roads

  • his line features popular tried and tested patterns designed for customers who pay particular attention to the quality-price ratio.

India's First RINGTREAD Store Pithampur, near Indore, M.P

JOIN us as a Marangoni GRP Franchisee at the following cities:

  • North:
  • • Delhi/NCR
  • • Chandigarh
  • • Ludhiana
  • • Jammu
  • • Jaipur
  • • Jodhpur
  • • Bhopal
  • • Jabalpur
  • • Kota
  • • Rohtak
  • • Kanpur
  • • Varanasi
  • West/Central:
  • • Ahmedabad
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  • • Ankleshwar
  • • Vadodara
  • • Rajkot
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  • • Gwalior
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  • • Pune
  • • Kolhapur
  • • Solapur
  • • Hyderabad
  • • Vijaywada
  • • Chitoor
  • • Bangalore
  • • Chennai
  • • Namakkal
  • • Salem
  • EAST:
  • • Kolkata
  • • Cuttack
  • • Guwahati
  • • Asansol
  • • Patna
  • • Ranchi
  • • Jamshedpur
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