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Nylon 6 - Consumer

Product Description

With the growing technology and the disposable income, the consumer sector is witnessing continuous growth particularly from the white goods and brown goods segment. Most of the metal parts are being replaced by high performance plastics. Nylon 6 properties like good surface appearance, impact strength, U.V. stability, scratch resistance etc. have established it as a key raw material in this segment.

Typical applications of the unfilled Nylon 6 are as below:

Furniture parts like castors and fittings
Sliding wheels for trolleys
Couplers for home appliances
Luggage parts
Sporting goods
Door latches
Umbrella components
Hair Clips

In unfilled Nylon 6, GRP's reprocessed GRPLON055G is used for castors, furniture fitting parts, couplers for home appliances, luggage parts, umbrella components etc.

Typical applications of glass filled Nylon 6 are as below:

Chair base
Chair back parts
Mixer body parts
Appliances relay parts
Windows and door components
Lawn and garden equipments

In glass filled reprocessed Nylon 6, GRP’s GRPLON15GF & GRPLON30GF are used for chair base, mixer body parts, relays, windows and door components.