Polymer Composite

Polymer Composite

Product Description

Composite material is produced using 100% recycled rubber and plastic. The products are eco-friendly and are stronger and more durable than wood. Products are extremely tough and are resistant to fluids, mud, oil and UV rays, making them exceptional replacements for wood and plastics in a variety of applications. The products are well suited for application in sectors such as logistics, construction, oil & gas, aviation, marine, industrial and agriculture. Exceptional stability and advantages over the other materials results in less down-time, fewer replacement costs and extended life for the products.


Wheel Chocks
Assembled Products


Cost effective option – Made from 100% recycled materials

Impervious to fluids – Will not absorb water, oil or other fluids

Insect and termite proof – As against wood it is insect and termite proof

Durable and long lasting – Stronger and more durable than wood, it will not rot, crack or chip out

Easy to clean – Products can be easily cleaned and maintained