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Tyre Applications

Tyre Side Walls

The sidewall is the area of a tire from the bead to the tread. It forms a protective covering for the cord body.

Sidewall rubber compounds resist aging, cracking, cutting, and snagging.Tire sidewall rubber serves to protect the body plies from abrasion, impact and flex fatigue. The rubber compound is formulated to resist cracking due to environmental hazards such as ozone, oxygen, UV radiation and heat.

The sidewalls also carry decorative treatments, sometimes including white or colored stripes or letters.

A typical sidewall formulation contains a blend of Natural Rubber, Butadiene Rubber and Reclaim Rubber.

Recommended Grades of Reclaim Rubber & Benefits

Whole Tyre Reclaim: Ultra High & High Tensile Reclaim:

Typical Benefits:

Good resistance to flex fatigue

Better abrasion resistance

Better Tensile Strength and Elongation %

Energy efficiency while mixing

Note: For suitable formulations, please contact us. We will help you with your specific requirements and provide recommended formulations.