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Tyre Applications

Tyre Applications

Tyre Treads and Retreads

The tread is the portion of the tyre in contact with the road surface.

Tyre tread shape, grooves (pattern) and compound are designed to optimize the wear, traction, handling, fuel economy, and cut resistance characteristics of the tyre.

A typical tread formulation contains a blend of Natural Rubber,Styrene Butadiene Rubber and Reclaim Rubber.

Recommended Grades of Reclaim Rubber & Benefits

Whole Tyre Reclaim: Ultra High & High Tensile Reclaim:

Typical Benefits:

Better Tensile Strength and Elongation %

Better abrasion resistance

Better ageing properties

Better scorch safety

Good Tear resistance

Energy efficiency while mixing

Note: For suitable formulations, please contact us. We will help you with your specific requirements and provide recommended formulations.