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Product Description

WTR Reclaim is made from end of life Tyres and treads peelings. It is available in varying quality grades and smoothness. The vulcanization properties of GRP Whole Tyre Reclaim make it particularly suitable for a variety of Natural Rubber products.

In Whole Tyre Reclaim, GRP has below four grades:


Properties and Benefits:

Faster Mixing Cycle

Improved Die swell

Reduced Power Consumption due to nerve of compound

Practically no reduction in hot air ageing properties


Recommended PHR usage

Applications Auto Tyre Cycle Tyre Tread Rubber Molded Goods Footwear Mattings Conveyor Belts
Usage Recommendation (PHR) * 10 40 20 40 30 60 30

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* Based on GRP Formulary / GRP Internal Working / Customer Feedback



2Whole Tyre Reclaim Rubber

3GR SF, GR 555, GR 444, RT Slab


Note: Please contact us for a copy of the MSDS by specifying the particular grade you require it for.