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Corporate Social Responsibility

GRP’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) division is established to create lasting value through responsible business and activities. Our programmes underpin the core issue of creating a better society and building individual capability.

GRP’s sustainable business activities to our based on scientific research that promise to add value to the society, while reducing the impact on the Earth’s resources.

GRP’s CSR division aims to contribute towards social and economic development of the communities; build a sustainable way of life for all sections of society; focus on providing education, health care, sustainable livelihood and empowerment of women. The ethos of our organisation is to minimise damage to human health and the environment, both locally and globally.

A better society

Since the launch of its CSR division, GRP has successfully mobilised resources for relief and rehabilitation in the event of natural calamities. The company strongly supports projects aimed at women's education and vocational training.

GRP has also actively worked towards providing education for needy students, encouraging women empowerment, providing sustainable livelihood for the needy section and conservation of environment in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

GRP has built a strong association with institutes like: Tata Institute of Social Science, Pravara Medical Trust, Ankleshwar Rotary Welfare Trust, Parivartan Mahila Sanstha, K C Mahindra Education Trust, Nanhi Kali Foundation, Ankleshwar Industrial Development Society and Bhavnagar Stree Kelvani Mandal.

We invite each and everyone of you to partner with us in making the the world a happier, healthier place. Here is a glimpse of some of the initiatives:

  • Balwadis/Mobile vans for elementary education
  • Vocational training for adult education
  • Merit based scholarship to support University Education
  • Strengthen/support existing institutes engaged in providing primary, secondary and higher level education
  • Vocational training aimed at employability
  • Supporting initiatives around Yoga, meditation, other self-help
  • Awareness programs for clean living/housing facilities (5S, etc.)
  • Awareness programs on hygiene, safe water
  • Encouraging plantation of trees through self-help groups of women
  • Primary health care centres
  • Mobile health care projects
  • Preventive health through awareness programs

The Water wheel is designed keeping everybody in mind. It's easy for women to roll it from a distance, is hygienic as it has a wide mouth opening which facilitates easy pouring and easy cleaning. It also has a unique cap-in-cap design that keeps water clean.

GRP 's Goal is to reduce the drudgery of water collection for marginalised families.

Support 100 marginalised families with water wheel which will improve the health and hygiene of families with clean and portable water.

Outputs & Outcomes:

  • Reduces suffering caused by carrying heavy load
  • Improves hygiene and health condition
  • Empowers women and children
  • Improves morale and personal dignity
  • More time for economic activities
  • More time for education
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A clean planet

Recover, Recycle, Reuse’ is GRP’s raison d’etre as well as mantra for creating a clean planet. Our entire operation is guided by this mantra, starting from product designing to materials selection, process development, solutions offered & possible effluent disposal

GRP is amongst the first companies in the rubber recycling industry to design and commission an air pollution control system. The company has been promoting use of solar at all its plants. Water used in the process is treated before discharge. The team at GRP constantly works towards creating new business and products through cost-effective and environmentally sound recycling activities.

GRP aims to serve the rubber recycling industry by advocating its significance to the public, government and associated stakeholders by promoting the use of recycled rubber across multiple consumer and industrial products. The products of GRP are leading the society to less consumption of virgin polymer. The team at GRP has derived ways and means of contributing towards a cleaner, greener planet through various business offerings.

GRP is committed to providing sustainable solutions. The Research and Development wing at GRP strives to discover bigger and better solutions to drive home an improved materials waste management system. Over the past four decades, through constant innovative reengineering initiatives, significant savings in terms of new materials, power and equipment substitution is seen.

GRP, alongside these, actively supports various initiatives related to environmental preservation and awareness generation through its philanthropic grants.

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