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Nylon 6 - Electrical & Electronics

Product Description

Electrical & Electronics (E&E) is fast growing industry segment. Nylon 6 compounds finds applications in many components in the E&E sector like connectors in mobile phones, motherboard of computers, connectors, terminal blocks, circuit breakers, power tool housing etc. due to combination of excellent electrical & mechanical properties like its toughness, good di-electric strength, flame retardant characteristics and insulation resistance.

Typical applications of the unfilled Nylon 6 are as below:

Cable glands
Computer peripherals
Terminal Covers
Plugs &Wire nuts

In unfilled Nylon 6, GRP's reprocessed GRPLON055G & GRPLON060M are used for computers peripherals, cable glands, plugs, holders, switches etc.

Typical applications of glass filled Nylon 6 are as below:

Circuit breakers
Switch housings
Relay parts
Power tool parts
Instrument housing
LED parts
Lamp housing

In glass filled reprocessed Nylon 6, GRP’s GRPLON15GF & GRPLON30GF are used for switches, relay parts, power tool parts etc.