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Nylon 6 - Industrial

Product Description

Nylon 6 being an engineering plastic is widely used for heavy duty applications in the industrial sector due to its high mechanical properties like tensile strength, wear resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance etc.

Typical applications of the unfilled Nylon 6 are as below:

Industrial bobbins
Washers and spacers
Bulk trolley wheels
Industrial material conveying trays
Industrial bobbins

In unfilled Nylon 6, GRP's reprocessed GRPLON055G is used for Conveying trays, industrial bobbins, Washers and spacers, bushes etc.

Typical applications of glass filled Nylon 6 are as below:

Textile Machine parts
Industrial gears
Earth moving equipment parts
Industrial power tools
Forklift parts
Industrial crane parts
Bearing cages