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Non-Tyre Applications


Now a days Rubber flooring is in demand. Rubber Matting is a new concept for house hold and industrial applications because of many advantages over conventional mattings.

A typical mattings formulation contains a Natural Rubber, Styrene Butadiene Rubber, EPDM Rubber and Reclaim Rubber. Rubber matting gives

It gives better look without torn or curled edges.

It gives better safety. Rubber mat offers better protection and reduces slip/fall potential by covering more area.

In industry, it saves labor by vacuuming and extracting in place instead of having to remove mats to clean and having to “clean around” mats as like with traditional matting.

It is more durable than conventional mats

Drying fast if we wash it with water

Recommended Grades of Reclaim Rubber & Benefits

Whole Tyre Reclaim: Ultra High & High Tensile Reclaim: EPDM Reclaim:

Typical Benefits:

Good resistance to flex fatigue

Better abrasion resistance

Better Tensile Strength and Elongation %

Good weather resistance

Reduce mixing time

Note: For suitable formulations, please contact us. We will help you with your specific requirements and provide recommended formulations.